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              Runtai Chemical Moist Future

              Runtai Chemical (RUANTA) is a world-renowned coalescing agent R&D and manufacturing center, which headquartered in China Yangtze river delta economic circle –Taizhou, Jiangsu. It has three manufacturing centers in Taixing(China), Nantong(China ) and Abu Dhabi(UAE). Runtai products include coalescing agent, environment-friendly solvent and plasticizer, which are widely used in coating, plastics and other industrial fields. We provide integrated solutions from production, storage, transportation and application for many well-known enterprises. Leading the industry, our quality, safety, environmental protection has reached the advanced level at home and abroad . Runtai’s products has been exported to more than 90 countries and regions...

              Strive to become the leading company and excellent brand in the industry, everyone's satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit
              • Chairman of Runtai Co., Ltd. was elected as the first president of Taizhou Alumni Association of Huashang College